Wanna Get to Know the Ringmaster?

I'm a 31 year old recent stay-at-home mom. I have 3 boys: Wyatt 9, Noah 7, and Michael (or Junior) 11 months. With my last son, I decided to take some time off from working so I can enjoy all the little moments and milestones. This will be my last child (ok, I'm 87% sure it will be the last) because I feel that the pregnancy took a real toll on me physically and mentally. I left a job in retail after almost 8 years. I don't miss the stress of retail, but I do miss the stories and coworkers at times. I currently reside near Seattle, Washington. I grew up here, moved away after high school, and after 10 years living in Arizona, I ended up back here. As a teenager, I liked to read and write poems. This is my attempt to try to get back into that again.

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