Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Walking With Dinosaurs at the Tacoma Dome!

Disclaimer: I did receive fee tickets to the show in exchange for my honest promotion. All opinions are my own.  
Walking With Dinosaurs is a live theatrical arena show that is performed in two acts with an intermission. Teams of three puppeteers operate each dinosaur, weighing approximately 1.6 tons. Since the show's start in 2007, it has been enjoyed by over 8 million people in 217 cities! When I had the chance to attend the opening night with my boys, I jumped at the chance! My boys had mentioned Walking With Dinosaurs a couple weeks ago and we plan to surprise them tomorrow night! I think I'm excited to see the dinosaurs too.
Photo courtesy of http://www.dinosaurlive.com
Photo courtesy of http://www.dinosaurlive.com
 Excited?! Yeah, I am to! I also have a special discount code to share! Use coupon code "KIDFUN" on the Walking With Dinosaurs website . The discount is for the following:

- $5 off Price Level 2: $44.50 (regular $49.50)
- $3 off Price Level 3: $26.50 (regular $29.50)

Valid on all shows except Sat 11am/3pm and Sun 1pm.

If you are debating on going, please stay tuned for my review in a couple days!


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