Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Review: Collide by J.C. Hannigan

Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of the book in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.
About the Book
Title: Collide
Publication date: July 27th, 2014
Author: J.C. Hannigan
Harlow Jones has a troubled past, and a questionable future. Surrounded by death, tragedy, and intrigue, she is forced to mature long before her time. Plagued by anxiety and depression, she hides her inner turmoil with spite and sarcasm. Her thick skin is impenetrable. That is…until she becomes involved with her grade 12 English teacher.
You have to admit it: You have lusted after at least one of your teachers. But how many of us have actually acted on it? Harlow is the sarcastic teen we can all live vicariously through. She sees her handsome teacher as a challenge and is pleasantly surprised it turns into more than just a fling. I know you're thinking that teacher-student relationships are not appropriate. Well, I agree with you. Except Harlow is not your normal 17-year-old girl. She's been through quite a bit at her young age and honestly, she has turned out to be a remarkable young woman.
I loved how Harlow had a heroine moment which also helped turn her into best friends with an unlikely classmate. Jenna is a typical 'popular' girl but she ends up helping Harlow open up. I was so glad this friendship came about because after what she went through with her old best friend, I felt Harlow really needed another close friend.
I enjoyed reading this because Harlow is one of those kick-ass chicks that I like to think I can identify with. The only negative thing I must mention is that I feel like the ending was rushed. Without giving away too much, I think Harlow (in real-life) would have had a harder time during the trial proceedings. I read this quickly as it was a bit intense and I can't wait for the follow-up!
About the Author
J.C. Hannigan lives in Ontario, Canada, in a small town east of Toronto. She is a mother to two young boys, and lives with a rare chronic pain disorder called Multiple Hereditary Exostoses.
She's been writing online for over a decade, even winning a "Teen Bloggie" for her angst ridden teen blog in 2008.
Collide is her first novel.

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