Saturday, September 20, 2014

Supportive Saturday (23)

I've been a little sad lately as my Pomeranian, Lassie, has gone missing. I try not to think of the worst that could have happened to her and I am trying to be optimistic and check online for any notice of her being found. :(
This week's Supportive Saturday will be a dog theme because I miss her greatly. Dogs are so darn cute!
1. Notepad and Dachshund Pen Set, FlyingHero ($14 USD, ships from U.S.) 2. Sterling Silver Cut-out Dog Necklace, IvyByDesign (starting at $20.88 USD, ships from U.S.) 3. Cute Pomeranian Photograph, dorataya (starting at $8 USD, ships from U.S.) 4. Day of the Dead Dachshund 5x7 Art Print, illustratedink ($10 USD, ships from U.S.) 5. Corgi Greeting Card, GoingPlaces2 ($4 USD, ships from U.S.)
It was hard choosing just 5 Etsy items for this week's post, but I am extra please because two of the shops are actually based here in WA! The photo of the praying Pom is the cutest!
Do you have a dog? If so, what kind? Or do you have any tips finding lost pets?

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