Saturday, August 16, 2014

Supportive Saturday (20)

Apparently, today is National Tell a Joke Day! I love that just about every day is holiday! ;) This week I chose to find Etsy items with a 'gag gift' theme, and I found some good ones (and mature ones I can't show here unfortunately)!
1. Funny Housewife T-shirt, HitchedClothing ($18 USD, ships from U.S.) 2. Calories Cutting Board, DesignsByDagenais ($20.75 USD, ships from Canada) 3. Colonel Lingus T-shirt (One of the best SNL sketches ever), BurntThreadz ($20 USD, ships from U.S.) 4. Make-Out Practice Pillow, EmilyMakesStuff ($40 USD, ships from U.S.) 5. Show Me Your Kitties Mug, ($10.50 USD, ships from U.S.)
What do you think of my selections this week? Or what's the best gag gift you have ever given or received?

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