Thursday, July 10, 2014

Winning Toilet Paper Dress

Remember last month's blog post about the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest? Well, a winner has been chosen!
Susan Brennan took home the honors this year and won $10,000 for her creation.
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I am pleased because this was one of the dresses I mentioned in my previous blog post. I love the versatility of it (you can take the full skirt off and show a little leg)! Susan has won the contest 3 times over the contest's 10 year run. Her dresses are beautiful and well-deserved. Actually, all the entrants deserve something because I imagine it's tedious working with toilet paper!
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This is the dress that took second place and $5,000. Katrina Chalifoux came up with this flowy number. It's not my cup of tea, but again, I applaud the work that went into it!
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And this is Amber Mills' wedding dress which landed her third place and $2,500! I like the blue!
One thing is for sure: now that I'm aware of this contest, I will be looking forward to seeing the creations next year! :)  Do you agree with this year's winners? You can see the other dresses at the bottom of this page . Are you going to be following along with the contest next year?


  1. Those are amazing! I can't believe that's tp! My coworkers want to know what brand they use :P

    1. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention in this post that they use Charmin toilet paper. :) It's sponsored by them too.