Saturday, May 17, 2014

Supportive Saturday (8)

By now, you've probably seen the video of the hero cat saving the young boy, right? If not, I am posting it below. And if you have, it's fun to watch the cat fly outta nowhere and barrel into that dog, right?!
I've decided to devote this week's Supportive Saturday to all things cat! They can be amazing. Who knew?! If you're new here, Supportive Saturday is a weekly post promoting different Etsy items.
This cute little nerdy cat art print (and many other cat ones) can be found in the GoGoBookart Etsy shop.

How cool are these patterned notebooks? They are available in the RiverDogPrints shop. These are pocket-sized (purrfect for your purse or inside your car) and will come in a pair.

I need this mug! Good news: if you can't decide between this black one or the white with black features, you can get the pair for $36! Hurry over to the Calimugs Etsy shop and stock up on your milk. ;)

Goodness, I love dressed up animals! And how cute is this little hat?! Lol this Super Mario hat is in the SarabiRose Etsy shop along with some other neat little hats!

Lastly, this work-out tank is a fun find. It also comes in bright pink! Check out this tank and many other tanks and tees at the NobullWomanApparel shop.
And that's it! Lol there is so much cat stuff out there. Maybe I will have to do more cat-themed Supportive Saturdays. Have fun exploring Etsy! 


  1. Such cute cat things! How on earth did they get that cat to wear that hat?!
    Believe it or not - I have twice seen my cat come from out of nowhere, just like the one in the video, and attack my dog when I was scolding her! Seems he felt I needed some back up!

    1. Lol, I know right?! I think I could get our cat to wear stuff.....for like a minute! A mini hat would be so cute. That is so funny about your cat! LOL!

  2. That cat mug is adorable but I would be worried it would poke me in the eye with its ear or something