Saturday, May 10, 2014

Product Review: Private Selection Mason Jar Dessert

Disclosure: I'm a Bzz Agent and received a coupon for a free product in order to have an honest review.

Private Selection Mason Jar Desserts are available at Kroger family grocery stores. They come in a variety of 10 flavors (but 2 of them aren't yet available as they are seasonal). I was able to find these (after some looking high and low) in the refrigerated section of my nearest Fred Meyer bakery area. They only had a few out at one time but luckily, they had a couple of chocolate flavors. I grabbed a Chocolate Trio and a Cherry Crumble for the boyfriend. (I won't go into detail about the boyfriend's choice because his reaction to it was just one positive sentence. Typical, right?)
The packaging is so darn cute! Actual glass Mason jars! Ok, so the price might be a reflection of the packaging though. $3.99 for a small dessert cup is not the best deal, but I think once in a while it would be fun to get this. Maybe these could be given as a gift as well. Give one to your child's teacher or a friend! After enjoying the dessert, they will have a cool upcycle project!
Now, about that yummy dessert inside that cute package. I love that mine was a layered desert. Of course, I had to scoop it out just right so I could get all the layers at once. :) The cake on the bottom was pretty moist and flavorful. The mousse layers were fluffy and just sweet enough. On top, they put chocolate curls. Curls of chocolate, people! It was a very well-put together dessert cup. The only suggestion I would have is they should make them bigger! ;) Although, I think mine had almost 500 calories in it already. :\

You can read more about the other flavors on their website. And if you're unsure where a Kroger store nearby would be, check here.