Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nickelodeon Nostalgia

The other day I was thinking of all the shows I used to watch as a kid......ok, pre-teen. The shows were so much better back in the 90s! I decided to dedicate a blog post to my lost loves.
  • Nickelodeon Guts was kind of like a kid-version of American Gladiators. It was great. You had these everyday kids (just like you) doing athletic stunts (that you wish you could do) and racing up a big mountain (the Aggro Crag AKA the Mega Crag AKA the Global Crag)! Uh yeah, those kids had guts, for sure. I did some vicarious living through them, definitely. Check out this full episode clip (yay!) below. :) 
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple was another neat game show for kids. This one you were able to have a partner and were cool shirts. (Ok, cool for a 12 year old!) And let's not forget how easy-on-the-eyes Kirk Fogg (the host) was. :D  Fun stuff: I just googled Legends of the Hidden Temple images and I am so pleased to find that there are other adults out there with so much love for this show that they came up with Halloween costumes! Note to self: Purple Parrot costume for Halloween later this year.....wonder if the boyfriend will be my purple partner. :) Have fun watching the following episode!
  • Doug was such a great cartoon. Man, I miss it. Unfortunately, I still haven't seen the movie. I loved all the characters on Doug. Porkchop, Patti Mayonnaise, Skeeter, and heck, even that annoying Beebe! The thing I remember the most from the show was when Doug made up a Patti Mayonnaise song! Luckily, I found a clip of it to share with everyone!

  • Hey Dude is going way back. Early 90s! Other than the (somewhat) annoying theme song, I loved everything about this show. Melody was my favorite! And I think I liked her even more when I realized her real name was Christine! ;)  Then there was Ted (played by David Lascher). He sure was a hottie! (Yes, I'm even using that word from back in the day!) There is a clip below, not the greatest, but it will have to do.

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? Yes, I just had to talk about this one! This show was definitely creepy when you're young but I loved it. These kids get together and sit around telling scary stories. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch all the episodes (there are 91) but I'm hopeful Amazon will have all the seasons on DVD available to buy. Currently, if you are a prime member, you can watch the first 6 seasons for free. My fingers are crossed they become available on Netflix one day as well. Sigh.

  • Rocko's Modern Life could be compared to SpongeBob Squarepants but not as annoying. You actually liked Rocko and he wasn't an idiot. There was some adult humor with this one, but it wasn't that bad! Lucky for me, I bought the complete series from Wal-Mart some time ago. :) Here is a clip for your enjoyment!

  • Aaahh! Real Monsters was a cartoon that followed a group of novice monsters on their adventures. I loved these little guys. Oblina especially! And again, I just had to buy the complete series on DVD. Enjoy!

  • Wild & Crazy Kids was another kids game show. This was super fun to watch though. It usually took place outdoors with kids having fun and getting a little messy! And the hosts of the show were entertaining to watch too.

  • The Secret World of Alex Mack was a show that definitely appeals to youngsters. You had this girl that was average and then she happened to come upon come cool powers after a toxic spill from a chemical-plant truck. She could do telekinesis and change colors with her mood. And she was even able to morph into a silver puddle and hide from people! I loved Alex Mack and her BFF, Ray. Heck, even her sister was cool to me. I really wish this show was available on DVD but since it's been years, I feel it's in the same boat The Wonder Years is in (even though you can watch that show on Netflix). :(

  • Salute Your Shorts a comedy show that featured a group of kids at Camp Anawana. You had the sporty kid (Telly), the troublemaker (Budnick), the nerd (Sponge), the fat kid (Donkeylips), and the popular girl (Dina! My fave!). Along with a few others, we saw the everyday hijinks these kids got into. I loved when the camp counselor Ug started dating the woman from Weights and Measures; they made such a cute couple! This was way too short-lived. Only 2 seasons!? I attached a clip of them singing the theme song. ;)

And that's it! I could include others, but these are the ones I loved and treasure. What about you? What Nickelodeon show was your favorite?  


  1. Loved those shows! They need to bring more of them back, maybe netflix?

    1. I think some are on Netflix, like the Aah Real Monsters and maybe Rocko's modern life. But the others I think are only available on Amazon currently or youtube lol. :)

  2. We didn't have cable so I could only watch when we went to grandmas. Secret world of Alex mac was a fave! Also Double Dare! Loved that!

    1. I loved Larisa Oleynick! :D I did forget about Double Dare! That show was definitely fun too. :)

    2. I always wanted to be on Double Dare!

  3. That definitely brings back memories. I watched most of those shows when I was younger.

  4. I remember some of these shows! This was a great flashback for me!