Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weight-loss Update!

I've been watching my caloric intake for the past month, which is easier thanks to MyFitnessPal. Also, I invested in a Jawbone UP! Yay! It's the blue one and I have been none to refer to it as "Susie". I have a thing about calling inanimate objects human names. :O Anyways, I got Susie on Ebay for about half the price I was seeing in my local stores. I love that Susie knows when I'm sleeping (even if I forget to tell her I'm falling asleep)! Unfortunately, seeing the reality of how many hours I actually sleep is a little disheartening. I average 4.5 hours a night, and don't get me started on how many times I wake up. Alas, this is to be expected with a young one. I do miss sleep terribly though.
Since I've started logging my meals and exercising (here and there), I've lost 5 pounds! From what I've heard, a pound a week is good and it's more likely the weight will stay off. :) My next goal is to get more sleep exercise more often and possibly for longer periods of time. At the moment, I do light exercising maybe once or twice a week for 30 minutes. I've learned to multitask while working out too. Lol, I catch up on my reading while exercising! I have to!
As for my diet, I haven't changed too much. It's just about the portions right now. I'm on a huge zucchini kick right now too. So yummy and simple! My water intake is quite a bit more. Honestly, it was non-existent before! :P
That's it for now. I will check back in a couple more weeks!


  1. Keep going and keep sharing your progress, it will motivate you to know the rest of the world are watching and cheering you on!
    Good Luck from Australia.
    Wren x