Thursday, April 3, 2014

Movie Review: Paul Walker in Vehicle 19

Vehicle 19 is an action-packed movie starring the late Paul Walker (also executive producer). The movie's premise is that he plays a foreigner in South Africa who unknowingly picks up a rental car with a woman locked in the trunk. We also learn he's an ex-con and there's a hidden phone and gun in the car. With a running time of 85 minutes, it delivers back-to-back action, but that's about it.
I really wanted to like the movie because of my love for Paul Walker, but I didn't. From the get-go, I was interested because of the strange woman he finds popping through the backseat from the trunk. Then, this lady impresses me by demanding the gun that was hidden so she could shoot at the 'bad guys'. Unfortunately, the writer decides to kill her off, which I found to be a big mistake. Well, at least, it was too early. I wanted more of her backstory! What about this human trafficking ring she uncovered?! How did she find out about it?! How long has it been going on?! So yeah, unanswered questions for me. I understand that she needed to die, but I felt the timing was wrong. It would have been nice to get some backstory on the relationship between Paul's character and his wife. Lol, maybe it's just me, but I like to know little things like: how long have they been together? do they have kids?
The music from this movie is something I did like though. It was great choices paired with the best timing within the movie. The songs sounded really obscure and like nothing I've heard. The video above is a song from the movie. Also, there's something to be said of a good score from a movie. The background sound really helped build the (little) suspense I felt. It was a pretty dramatic score. Yay for that!
I'm on the fence about the fact the entire movie was filmed from inside the rental car. I mean, it's great because you focus on the action and can better imagine being right there in the movie. On the other hand, it would have been nice to see more interaction with other people and possibly more scenic locations of South Africa (for the people like me who never leave the country).
If you're inclined to watch one of Paul Walker's last movies before his tragic death, check out the trailer first. I finally watched it on HBO the other night. And what that really means is that I DVRed it and watched it during the day pausing here and there. Lol, the daily fun of a crawling baby!

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