Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm Seein' (Starbucks) Stars!

I'm not sure where these codes came from, but I won't question FREE stars! I've noticed 4 circulating codes. Each code is worth 5 stars! You can only enter 2 each day, and I believe you must enter these codes via computer and not mobile. They've worked for me! Guess who now has a free drink waiting! ;)  Just log onto your Starbucks account and enter these codes: MCATALINH, MCATALINK, MCATALINL, and MCATALINM. I don't quite know how long these will stay valid, so go NOW! Enjoy that free drink! :)
UPDATE 4/6: I've got word these no longer work unfortunately. :(


  1. Darn! Just tried the codes and they didn't work for me, but I will be keeping my eye out for more! I didn't even know they did the codes, is that something new? Thanks for coming to say hi over at Life as I know it. Glad to be following back! (UBP14)

    1. Oh darn, I'm sorry! Thank you for letting me know so I can update the info. I'm not sure how often these codes circulate, but I will definitely keep you posted! Everyone needs Starbucks sometimes! :D And thank you for the follow back. I'm really looking forward to your posts.