Friday, April 18, 2014

Cougar Mountain Really Does Make "The Best Cookies from the Northwest"

So....I have an obsession. I don't remember when exactly it started, but I know where. I happened to be inside a local Walgreen's. There happened to be a small line, so naturally, I was looking at all the magazines, candy, and random stuff you don't really need. My eyes landed on these huge cookies!
Sadly, this picture does not do the cookie justice. This size is 3.5 ounces. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "OK it might be a big cookie, but I bet it's a flat, flimsy cookie." NO! This cookie was just the right thickness and was the opposite of flimsy! They're amazingly soft and tasty!  I'm so glad there was a line at the checkout stand or else I would not have found these. I believe my addiction was born almost 3 years ago.
Cougar Mountain Baking Company has actually been making these amazing cookies for much longer. Founder David Saulnier started churning them out back in 1988. Yes, wow! Lol I was 6 years old! Looking back, I kinda wish my parents had caught wind of this and shared with me. Hmm now I'm thinking of the scene in Little Shop of Horrors where Audrey (the plant) tells Rick Moranis' character, "FEED ME! FEED ME!" Imagine a 6 year old yelling at her parents in the same way!
Another great thing about Cougar Mountain is that they're a local Seattle company, yay! Cougar Mountain is only available in Washington and Oregon grocery stores for the time being (although I think they've already expanded to Northern California). I'm hoping they expand to other states because I'm super proud of them being founded here and because I'm not greedy! I want everyone else to know these cookies! If you are in Washington, you can find these at Fred Meyer, Metropolitan Market, Whole Foods, QFC, and (if you're lucky) some Walgreen's. I haven't seen the large cookies in some time now, but I've been known to hoard their seasonal Pumpkin cookies which came in a box of 8 medium-sized cookies. Apparently, they also have tubs of the cookie dough available for purchase at Safeway but I don't want to ruin a good thing I've got going with the boxed ones (and it's easier)! Ohhh but fear not, my distant friends. They have online ordering available on the website!
They have several different cookies varying from a chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin cinnamon, to lemon snickerdoodle. They also have seasonal ones such as: pumpkin (OMG the best), orange cranberry, and ballpark (chocolate chunks, peanuts, and toffee). Butterscotch Pecan happens to be the current rotating flavor.
I love Cougar Mountain Baking Company but it needs to be said: they're not up-to-date with the social media times. Lol, the things they could do if they had someone networking, interacting with customers, and just putting the word out there about these amazing cookies! You can check out their (relatively quiet) Facebook page and Twitter handle for yourself, but just know that in my book, they really are "The Best Cookies from the Northwest" easily! I hope they conquer the country and change the mindsets of Oreo lovers, Chips-Ahoy addicts, and Girl Scout cookie fiends everywhere!
This is not a sponsored post. I just LOVE these cookies so much and felt the need to try to bring awareness to them!


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