Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Half Price Books is Amazing!

I love Half Price Books so much! They're the largest family-owned chain of new and used bookstores in the country and have locations in 17 states so far. Even cheaper than their regular stores are their outlet locations. I learned on their website if you're a teacher, you can sign up and save 10% on your purchases (how neat is that!). I'm subscribed to their email list and so glad to be. Every so often, they will send out coupons! This past Monday, I was able to head to my nearest location and use a coupon that was valued at 40% off one item (new or used!). Luckily, they had the latest Chelsea Handler book:
Also, I was on the lookout for the Ross Matthews book:
That's right; I got an autographed edition! I almost bought the paperback which was $11 brand new, but then I saw this and at less than $2 more, I decided to get the hardback copy. :)
So back to my love for HPB, I definitely recommend signing up for their email list so you can save on brand new titles or used ones that you've been looking for! Along with the 40% off coupon, there were a few others ranging in percentages off. This Sunday, if I'm brave enough to deal with the crowds and feel lucky, I can use a 50% off one item coupon! Thanks to these deals, I have reignited my urge to read again. I blame my 7 month old and Facebook!
Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation whatsoever for this post. It is my honest opinion and I feel like sharing my finds with others.

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