Thursday, October 2, 2014

Neurotica Review & Giveaway!

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About the Book:

If you find yourself talking to Jayne Dandy, keep the conversation on Star Wars and rubber ducks—best not to mention men, dating, or S-E-X. Because Jayne is fine with the way things are: writer of obituaries and garage sale ads by day, secret scribe of adventures in distant galaxies by night. But her crippling fear of intimacy has made her the butt of jokes since forever, and hiding behind her laptop isn’t going to get her lightsaber lit.

After her therapist recommends that she write erotica as a form of exposure therapy, Jayne joins forces with pen and paper to combat the demons that won’t let her kiss and tell. Unexpectedly downsized at work, she adopts a pseudonym and secretly self-publishes one of her naughty books to make ends meet. When her adorable, long-time friend Luke, co-owner of the popular Portland food truck Luke Piewalker’s, hears she’s been demoted, he insists on hiring her to sling éclairs and turnovers at his side. Her secret must be kept, but sparks ignite between them, sending Jayne and her X-Wing into a tailspin that will either make her face down her neuroses or trigger a meltdown of Death Star proportions.

I loved this book so much. I found it very funny and the main character is lovable. Jayne had a lot of personal growth and it was easy to identify with her character at times. 
The only thing I didn't like was the fact that there wasn't much background on Luke which is important. I found myself wanting to know more about how their friendship first came about. I did like the slow-building romance between Luke and Jayne though. The ending was nice, but I wanted more!
If you want a fun, entertaining read, try this one out!
4 out of 5 stars

About the Author:
A purveyor of fictions, Eliza Gordon has excellent taste in books, shoes, movies, and friends, and questionable sanity in the realm of love. Best leave that one alone.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blade Singer Promo & Giveaway!

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Blade Singer by Aaron de Orive & Martha Wells
202 pages
Manuel "Manny" Boreaux, a troubled adolescent from Texas, is magically transported into the body of a goblin pickpocket in an alternate world inhabited by faerie creatures. Manny must quickly adapt to the danger all around him and try to find a way to get back home, a feat complicated by the pickpocket's association with a notorious gang of thieves. But when Manny uncovers a plot to assassinate a young king, he must enlist the aid of an elf cavalier and a cat burglar to thwart a Sidhe witch's scheme to ignite a civil war between humans and the Fae.

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About the Authors:

A graduate of the University of Texas' film program, Aaron de Orive began his professional writing career in the video game industry, serving as a lead or senior writer on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, Tabula Rasa, Anarchy Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. He is also the creator of the fantasy roleplaying game SHARD: World of the False Dawn. Blade Singer is his first novel. Aaron lives in Austin with his wife, daughter, and two very spoiled terriers.

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Martha Wells is the author of a number of fantasy novels, including The Cloud Roads, The Siren Depths, The Wizard Hunters, Wheel of the Infinite, and the Nebulanominated< i> The Death of the Necromancer
. Her YA fantasy, Emilie and the Hollow World, was published by Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry in April 2013, and the sequel, Emilie and the Sky World, was released in March 2014. Two collections of Books of the Raksura novellas will be published in September 2014 and Fall 2015. She has had short stories in Black Gate, Realms of Fantasy, Stargate Magazine, and Lightspeed Magazine, and in the anthologies Elemental, The Year's Best Fantasy #7, Tales of the Emerald Serpent and The Other Half of the Sky. She has essays in the nonfiction anthologies Farscape Forever, Mapping the World of Harry Potter, and Chicks Unravel Time. She has also written mediatiein novels, Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary and Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement, and a Star Wars novel, Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edge.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Alex Boyè's Africanized Review & Giveaway!

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
Have you heard of Alex Boyè? If not, you NEED to head over to YouTube and be among the over 100 million that have enjoyed watching his videos. Boyè has mostly covers but the what makes his sound unique is the fact that his are sang with and African twist. I had never heard of him or really listened to African music before, but I really enjoyed this album.
Africanized comes with a CD and DVD. On the DVD, you can find a number of his music videos. I love the art in the CD case. It's simple, nice nonetheless. I watched the DVD first because I enjoy watching the artists convey their music. Boyè did not disappoint! The videos were uplifting and fun; he even had some mom bloggers singing with him (Roar)! The One Voice Children's Choir that joined him in a couple videos were amazing too! It's nice to see artists pairing with children (whether it's singing, dancing, or playing instruments) because they are our future!
Check out the video for his "Let it Go" cover!
On the album, one can find covers of Ho Hey, Happy, Roar, Royals, Grenade, Set Fire to the Rain, and much more. Boyè also includes a few of his own songs for our listening pleasure. All in all, I found the album really interesting. Boyè wanted to convey the message: Music has no passport. And I think he succeeded. The Africanized songs give you a good feeling and you can't help but be in awe of how they sound at times.
Alex Boyè is a charismatic, London-born, U.S.-based singer that actually got started as a gospel artist before hitting it big on YouTube with his covers. He recently made his debut at the world-renowned Royal Albert Hall, opening for Olivia Newton-John! Both his parents are Nigerian, but his mother is credited for urging him to put some African influence into his music. Mothers know best!
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Supportive Saturday (24)

Do you remember playing with those "Cootie Catchers" when you were a kid?
Photo courtesy of
YES! Old-school origami fortune teller! I so want to make one of these again. It inspired me to make the theme of this week's Supportive Saturday, ORIGAMI.
1. Letterpress Origami Pigs in Love, twinravenspress ($4 USD, ships from U.S.) 2. Origami Star Cookie Cutter, Printmeneer ($8.47 USD, ships from The Netherlands) 3. Origami Paper Doll Bookmarks, HappyFlavor ($13.50 for a set of 5, ships from Japan) 4. Wooden Origami Fox Necklace, FawnAndRose ($26.69 USD, ships from United Kingdom) 5. Origami Paper Daffodils, DearBetsy ($36 USD, ships from U.S.)
While researching the different origami items, I found something I used to make in grade school! So, guess who is determined to make a little origami gift box just for the heck of it! ;)
Have you ever tried to make something with origami paper? Or which Etsy find above is your favorite? I think the bookmarks and the letterpress card are my faves!