Friday, June 2, 2017

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie - Movie Review

Disclaimer: I attended a free screening in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Fox and DreamWorks Animations for hosting.

Tra la laaaa! It's finally happening! The very successful and long-running book series (12 books so far) Captain Underpants has its first big-screen adaptation thanks to DreamWorks Animation and author, Dav Pilkey.

Two best friend pranksters, George (voiced by Kevin Hart) and Harold (voiced by Thomas Middleditch) hypnotize their strict principal into thinking he is actually their comic-creation Captain Underpants. Ed Helms lends his voice to the character of their principal Mr. Krupp. Throughout their years at elementary school, their principal has confiscated several items from the boys, such as a few Captain Underpants comic books, and a prize ring from a cereal box. After one final prank where the boys are caught red-handed, Mr. Krupp threatens to separate them into different classrooms for the remainder of the year. Of course, this devastates George and Harold. Although they live next door to each other, they can't imagine not being in the same classroom anymore. With their backs against the wall, they discover the confiscated prize ring actually has the power to hypnotize their principal! George and Harold decide it would be funny to have him think that he is Captain Underpants! With a splash of water, he turns back to Mr. Krupp and with a snap of their fingers, Captain Underpants returns. It's pretty fun until they get a rainy day and it would seem like Mr. Krupp is here to stay. A newly-hired science teacher, Professor Poopypants is actually a villain and the youngsters must find a way to stop him, with or without Captain Underpants.

Nick Kroll, Ed Helms, Kevin Hart, Author Dav Pilkey, Kristen Schaal, Thomas Middleditch and Director David Soren seen at DreamWorks Animation and Twentieth Century Fox "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" Los Angeles Premiere at Regency Village Theater on Sunday, May 21, 2017, in Los Angeles (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Twentieth Century Fox/AP Images)

This movie is a little bathroom humor/low-brow, but how can you not chuckle when you find out Professor Poopypants' real name? My toddler loved this movie and laughed out loud several times! I think parents will enjoy this as much as the kids and it's a really fun family movie. I am hoping there will be more Captain Underpants movies to come!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul - Movie Review

If you do not have elementary-aged children, you probably have yet to hear about the Diary of Wimpy Kid movies. They're actually based on a very successful series of books by Jeff Kinney. My older boys love the books and well, they love the movies also!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul is the fourth movie in the series. This movies follows the entertaining Heffley family on a long road trip to Meemaw's 90th birthday celebration. In true Greg-form, the plan changes and chaos ensues. The cast includes: Alicia Silverstone, Tom Everett Scott, Charlie Wright, and Jason Drucker. Fans of the movie series will notice that the entire cast is different, but don't fret: these actors totally nail the mannerisms that we have grown to love. The original "Greg" has grown up and it was said to be bad timing for the other actors.

This movie was full of laughs! As a parent, there were several scenes that I could totally relate to. Toddler sleeping in your bed and ends up sideways with his feet in your face? Yep. When your toddler takes a nap, you do everything in your power to ensure he doesn't get disturbed. YEAH REALLY! Showing off pictures of your naked babies in bathtubs? C'mon, who doesn't have one of those!

My favorite part of the movie was the ending. Greg's little brother, Manny surprises the whole family with something he learned during the road trip. In the end, it was good movie with laughs and meaningful messages. I definitely recommend this as a fun family movie to enjoy with your kids and cry-laugh together. Just watch out for Beardos! :)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul will be in theaters starting May 19, 2017!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Printables!

Here are some easy, inexpensive FREE printables for Mother's Day!
First, there is a fill-in-the-blank activity for younger children:

Next, a Superhero Mom 8x10:

Lastly, a rose bookmark and a flowery bookmark for those bookish moms:

Please enjoy these for your own personal use! :) Thank you!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ready, Set, Read!

School's out for the summer, but that doesn't mean children should stop working those brains! Yes, summer means later bedtimes (hopefully sleeping in also) and spontaneous days, but there are sneaky ways of incorporating learning into each day. The easiest way is taking a trip to your local library.
My boys love library trips and if they had their way, we would go at least 2 or 3 times a week. During the school year, in partnership with their teachers, I would check the A.R. level on each book they checked out. A.R. Bookfinder is a great website to check a book's reading level (they even have an app). I am more lenient now for break because any reading is better than no reading, right?
The library is only one of many summer reading programs this year. Check out the following list!
  • Scholastic Books   Reading is logged online and the time spent reading goes toward rewards and you can set it up so the minutes go toward your child's school total where they can win an appearance from an author.
  • Barnes & Noble Read any 8 books and fill out the reading log and then turn it in for a free book (from a group of books)!
  • BOOK IT! Read 5 books and fill out the online form for a chance to win prizes!
  • Chuck E. Cheese Read each day for 2 weeks to fill out the chart. Turn chart in at a participating location for 10 free tokens!
  • Showcase Cinemas If you live on the east coast, your child can watch a free select movie on Wednesdays at Showcase Cinemas. Print out the book report form and fill it out for free admission starting July 8th! 
  • Books-A-Million Check locations first (no locations in CA, WA, OR, ID, name a few). If you do have a Books-A-Million near you, your child can print out the journal, read 4 books from a specified list, and then turn in for Percy Jackson tote bag.
  • Half Price Books Again, check locations first (I am lucky to have one near me). They have 2 different programs: one for kids 8th grade & under, and for teens. The end result is the same: $5 gift card  to the bookstore.      
  • HEB This program is only available for children residing in Texas, ages 3-12. Read 10 books, fill out and send form to receive a free shirt.
  • DOGO Books Read and review 3 books from a specified list, get a free book! This looks to be nationwide and online-based.
  • TD Bank Check locations for one near you. After reading 10 books, your child can earn $10 in a new or existing Young Saver bank account.
These programs are for children, but there are adult summer reading programs at local libraries, so don't get discouraged! ;)  Do you know of another reading program I can add to this list?